Green candidates clean litter from Jubilee Park

7 December 2015

Local Green candidates for Page Moss, Roby and Halewood North seen making good on their vow to 'clean up this town'! 


Cool and the gang

Cool and the gang out saving the Universe


Phil Williamson (Halewood North), Martin Mackarel (Roby), Kirk Sandringham (Page Moss) and Ruth Smart (party chair) took to the fields of Jubilee Park in Page Moss to fend off the everyday dark forces of unbiodegradable waste.

Thanks to Ruth's preperational diligence, the gang were well equipped to tackle anything the park had to throw at them. Six filled rubbish bags later, the group slipped out the back just as inconspicuously as when they had arrived. One small battle won in the field, but the all-out war against unsustainable packaging has only just begun!

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